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Thoughts on Peace of Mind and Anniversaries

April 29, 2013

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of our taking possession of this property. At the time that we bought it my wife was pregnant with a child that we knew was going to have some serious medical complications as she had been previously diagnosed with congenital heart defect. Our thought was that a revenue property provided a way to potentially supplement our income so she could stay home and care for our daughter.

Today is the fifth anniversary of that daughter being born. Her name was Anika and she was born five weeks premature. The circumstances of her birth, which are a fairly long story, greatly complicated her medical conditions and made her life much more challenging. She passed away at Christmas time of that year at only eight months old. Today Anika would have been five years old.

We are rapidly approaching 10 month time-frame since the fire in the building. This blog outlines some of what that fire and subsequent insurance issues entail and what a nightmare this has all become. I have been remiss for a while in updating this blog with details / facts but will do that soon, and you will be able to see for yourself the positions both sides have and make your own judgement based on the facts of what you think should be right.

A great part of my frustration at the moment is that this is not a battle that I think I should have to fight. With our daughter, we took the statistical hit for a lot of people, and what we experienced was beyond the control of us, and ultimately the doctors as well. With this building, we bought insurance like many people buy insurance to get peace of mind and to be protected if tragedy should strike.

Well, tragedy did strike us again, this time on the building. Our family fought as hard as we could for our daughter and in the end it was not enough to change the outcome. For this building we had bought insurance with Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance, aka SMI at the time we bought the property for all the same reasons everyone else buys insurance when they get a mortgage Рto cover a loss in the event of tragedy and to have peace of mind. Yet here I am in a very different place, expending time and money toward an adequate settlement and simultaneously being sued for defamation by the insurance company.

I invite your comments and encourage you to share so that others don’t have to experience a similar nightmare.

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  1. Mark permalink
    October 22, 2013 11:51 am

    I have recently been on the receiving end of some questionable insurance practices as well. I am fortunate to have got through relatively unscathed however the company has been making some demands on me that I think are somewhat unfair, especially after I went over and above to eliminate any possibility of similar claims in the future. To be specific, I had a chimney chase fire – not the chimney- and I replaced the chase with a full metal open construction at my own expense. Now they are making demands on how I use my fireplace. If I follow their instructions completely, my fireplace becomes virtually useless. I am already making plans to further reduce their liability risk – I am getting a different insurance company.

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